Ides Miffy Bruna bonbon Gifts

Ides Miffy Bruna bonbon

The well-loved character in Holland Miffy turned into a running bunny. Made with balance-ball like the soft material, Miffy Bon Bon let's you sit and jump on it indoor and out. With a weight load of 90kg, not only kids can sit on it, dad and mom, brother and sister can also ride on it for light exercise. Made of soft material, bouncing indoor will not damage floor. Bon bon comes flat packed and requires a pump to inflate (included in box).
Miffy Money Box by Atelier Pierre Gifts

Miffy Money Box by Atelier Pierre

A fun way to save some coins, this brightly coloured Miffy Money Box by Atelier Pierre would look great in a little one’s bedroom. (more…)
Design On Shell Business card case Gifts

Design On Shell Business card case

This is a concept work for Valentine’s day gift 2014. Graphics on the case is dedicated to those all in long distance relationship. Happy Valentine’s day!
Pupa Armchair Gifts

Pupa Armchair

A soft and enchanting seat, with a sensual elegance thanks to the brass legs. (more…)
Mr Maria Miffy First Light Gifts

Mr Maria Miffy First Light

Just a small touch to the new Miffys ears will offer the first surprise; First Light is the first Mr Maria lamp to be made of soft silicone instead of the usual hard polyethylene. This makes the lamp extremely huggable and truly irresistible. (more…)
YeDuo Golden Lock Charm Bookmark Gifts

YeDuo Golden Lock Charm Bookmark

It is a Chinese tradition to give golden charms to one month old newborn babies, newlyweds, students with good grades on entrance exams, (more…)
YeDuo Butterfly Vase Gifts

YeDuo Butterfly Vase

Flowers with the lightly fluttering butterfly wings, Gently bloom in a riot of color. Like blown by natural breeze, (more…)
Bamboo Insects Gifts

Bamboo Insects

Japanese craftsman Noriyuki Saitoh, who is famous for catching anatomical substances with uncanny aptitude, develops life-sized creepy crawlies utilizing bamboo sticks. (more…)
Canmaker Label Design Gifts

Canmaker Label Design

A simple and stylized label design to celebrate the cherry blossom season. Almond Studio designed these labels for Canmaker, a new concept pub in Gangnam by Korean craft brewery Craftbros. DESIGNED BY Almond Studio