Suck UK Cross Stitch Map

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Why not recuperate from your latest adventure with a bit of crafty cross-stitching? Create a unique memento of your travels, recording every far-flung holiday or adventurous road trip in colourful cross stitch.

Use different coloured threads for each journey or personalise with icons and text. Easy to stitch and comes with all the contents you need to create your own unique wall hanging!

Includes pine wood frame, 11 count polyester canvas (59.4 x 45cm), 4 coloured embroidery threads and 2 embroidery needles.

A world map printed on cross stitch fabric

Record your adventures in colourful cross stitch

Includes 4 threads and 2 embroidery needles

Mounted in a wooden frame

Measures 59.5cm x 44.1cm x 1.8cm

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