VILI lamp

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Vili the sleepy fox is a mood light concept aimed to please both children and adults. With a stylized, yet cute shape, the lamp can be attractive for young children and also be a modern interior piece.

The lamp is fitted with a sensor and will turn on, dim down or turn off depending on the orientation.

Interacting with Vili is intuitive and can be a part of children’s night time rituals. Standing tall, Vili emits a strong light suitable for reading or other activities. When laid on it’s side, the light will slowly fade with a pre-set timer. Put Vili on it’s back to turn the light off immediately.

This kind of analog interaction with sensors can be an easy way to introduce smart technology to children. Additionally, the fox is seen as a smart animal in folklore, and was a natural choice as it is also has distinctive features that work well with the polygonal concept.

Design by almond studio

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