Glow In The Dark Star Globe

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Whether you know a city gal who complains about not being able to see the stars at night or an astronomy nut who just can’t get enough of the constellations, our Star Globe makes a perfect gift for anyone that’s reaching for the stars (sorry).

Assemble the globe and learn which constellations appear in each hemisphere. There’s even facts about the traits of each zodiac on the inside of the globe. In a long distance relationship? Impress your beau with your knowledge of the constellations in his hemisphere. So romantic.

Coming to life at night, each constellation lights up in glow in the dark ink. Place Star Globe on those stylish floating shelves in your bedroom and doze off to the night sky. Dreamy.


Material: paper, laminate and glow ink


Ink must be exposed to sunlight in order to glow in the dark


20 x 20 x 20 cm

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