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PinCountry is a country wall map printed on a flexilble felt panel. The surprising graphic results achieved make the maps ideal to display at home or in the office.

The tactile characteristics of felt transform the static nature of a map — a simple object to be looked at — into something new with which users can interact.

The package includes a set of 15 special pins to use with the map. Pins, notes, drawings and photos can be attached to the maps to create your personal wall map diary.

Technical  Specifi­ca­tions

Material:polymer felt

Size:96×77 cm

Available colors:black / light blue

Printed using non-toxic inks

100% recyclable

Iron on reverse




There is a double challenge at the heart of this project: to recover the iconic and “historic” shape of the rolled up map and to produce it on a tactile support which is very interesting to the touch.

Graphic Design by Alessandro Maffioletti

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