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A real heavyweight.
Organize your pens and pencils in the reduced pencil box – Kynä.
The high precision oft he edges is especially convincing. The concrete’s charm comes to life in the surfaces as every piece features a different patterning and porosity.

Thanks to the extra-high base of the box the pens are don’t sink into the form but remain balanced between a protective distance and easy accessibility.

Through its mass and unrelenting appearance the pencil box – Kynä presents itself as a rock in the hectic pace of your daily grind at the office.

In short: the perfect safe haven for the design orientated stationary.

The pencil box – Kynä is available in different variations, with either colored leather or a natural felt bottom.

Pencil box – Kynä:
– material: Formschmiede high-performance concrete, leather or felt
– mass: 1500 grams
– measurements: 10,0 x 10,0 x 13,0 cm
depicted content not included
Made by Meri Zirkelbach

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